Learn How to Easily Remove Your Shop Page Sorting Options in WooCommerce

Sometimes you just need a simple fix. Something bugs you and will confuse your shoppers, but the solution is just not built into the WooCommerce core. Such is the case with the sorting options on your shop page.

Watch this short video and/or read the post.

woocommerce default sorting options

Toggle Sorting Options Off and On

As I mentioned, a simple fix. The WooCommerce Remove Product Sorting plugin is a free plugin from my friends over at Skyverge.

After installation, you will find the options to for the plugin in your customizer. Once there, just click on WooCommerce > Product Catalog and you will see where you can toggle off as many of the default sorting options that you want.

remove sort product

As you can see here, it works like a charm.

Adding Sorting Options

There is another free plugin that gives you the ability to add extra sorting options to your WooCommerce product page for alphabetical, sales, in-stock and reviews as well as changing the default sorting label. You can see that post here.

How to Stick Your Featured Products to the Top of the Shop or Archive Page

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