How to Let Your Customers Ship Products to Multiple Locations in WooCommerce

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a customer on your WooCommerce online store wanted to order several products in one single order, but ship them to different locations?

An  example of this would be someone working on their Christmas list. They find your site and several items pop out at them as perfect gifts. But heck, if they want to send those shoes to Uncle Joe, that cool hat to mom and that great bag to their sister, well, we are talking three separate orders unless they want to ship them all to themselves and then ship them out again.

This is when you can save your customers time and money by using the extension called WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses.

Creating WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

When you install the plugin, it will create three pages for you. If for some reason it doesn’t, you will need to do this with the shortcodes:

  • [add_address_form] – that allow you to add a new address
  • [select_address]  and select the addresses you have stored at checkout
  • [multiple_addresses] , in short, allowing you to add multiple addresses at checkout.
pages created the multiple checkout for woocommerce


You will find a few settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Multiple Addresses. If the three previous pages were automatically created, these will be selected here. Otherwise, you would choose the pages that you created.

settings for woocommerce multiple shipping addresses

How Your Customers Can Select Multiple Shipping Addresses on Your WooCommerce Store

There are a couple of ways that addresses can be added to the customer account. If they go to their account page, they will find the option here.

add address from WooCommerce account page

If we click it, we can now add as many addresses as we want.

add shipping address

After you have added the addresses, they will be available on the customer account page.

extra addresses on account page

The other way to add additional addresses is on the checkout page. You will see two button options here: Choose single address and Choose multiple addresses.

If you click on the single address, you can choose the address that has been already saved, or you can add another address.

If the customer chooses multiple addresses, they have the option to select which product goes to which address.

choosing multiple addresses

After selecting the addresses, the customer will return to the checkout page. If there was more than one shipping option, the customer can select another option at this point.

shipping details for review

Once the order is placed, all the data from the different shipping locations will be stored and ready for fulfillment.

This plugin gives your customers even more easy options when shopping your online store. Multiple addresses will also show up on the edit Order Page if you need to change those. It also works with the free shipping option and calculated shipping methods.

If you are seeing multiple orders from customers to different addresses, this may be the perfect solution for your store. And if you aren’t, there may be a reason why. Giving your customers this option has the potential for increasing sales as it makes it even easier for anyone to order products for their friends and family.

Lastly, if you need to print out the shipping addresses, they suggest this free plugin over on

So check out the WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses plugin and turn your online store into a buying machine.