A Look at the WooCommerce Memberships Extension

As I note in this video, this look at the WooCommerce Memberships Extension is long overdue here on my blog. I honestly believe I was testing it out when it was in beta and shortly after released, was implementing it on my site. I will also admit I was pretty excited about the fact that an membership extension exclusively working with WooCommerce was pretty exciting.

I know that there are a lot of options out there, and some really good ones. A lot of them will work with WooCommerce indirectly, but none have the slick integration nor the tie-in this one does.

Imagine this. You have your online store with dozens of products. Now we want to add a membership option to your site, whether it’s a coffee of the month club or simply a rewards program for loyal customers. You choose a few products to give to your members at a significant discount. Boom! Then when a non-member lands on that same product, there is a notice that members get this product for 50% off. Boom, boom! A great way to upsell your memberships.

So watch this video as I give your an overview of what you can do with it.

As I mentioned in this video, WooCommerce memberships works seamlessly with the powerful extension WooCommerce subscriptions. So if you are looking at offering paid subscriptions and the thought of recurring income streaming in entices you, then take advantage of both plugin developers having worked together to make it a perfect match.

Thinking About a Niche Membership Site?

You can learn more about this plugin, the subscription plugin and niche membership sites by listening to our Do the Woo podcast episode: WooCommerce and Niche Subscription Membership Sites where I interviewed Beka Rice from WooCommerce Memberships, Brent Shepherd from WooCommerce Subscriptions and Chris Lema, membership site expert.

Membership Sites and eCommerce

You can also listen to this podcast with Chris Lema about tips and strategies for incorporating a membership site with your online store.

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