How to Make it Easy For Customers to Login Via Social with WooCommerce


Did you know that many consumers prefer social login when using an eCommerce site. 

How many times have you been to a site and had to create another login? It’s a matter of having to remember or store one more username and password each time you return.

Now, how many times have you been to a site that let’s you do this via a social login, like Facebook or Twitter? For some people, they don’t want to go this route, but for others it can just make like so much simpler.

That’s where the WooCommerce Social Login extension comes in.

With the WooCommerce Social Login extension your customers will link their store account on your site with one of their social media accounts for a faster and easier checkout. And that’s what we all want. Making it as easy to spend your money as possible. 🙂

They can be used on your Checkout or My Account pages for easy access.

From this screenshot you can see that it covers the most popular platforms.

social login on woocommerce

There are a couple of things to be aware of when using this extension.

1. If you want to use Amazon, you will need to have an SSL on your site.

2. To set up this extension, you are going to have to dig into your social accounts for some specific information. For example, with all of these except PayPal, you will need to have a developers account which anyone can register for.  Here is just one example.

woocommerce social login facebook

So instead of reinventing the wheel, WooThemes has some great documentation that will show you more of how to set it up or you can visit the extensions page to learn more about its benefits.

In a upgrade since this post was published, here are some added features:

  • Updated Login Buttons and added Disqus, Yahoo and VK
  • Widget Improvements
  • Improved Twitter/Instagram Login
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