Make Your WooCommerce Products Stand Out with a Custom Pinterest Share Image

I’m going to start this post off with a disclaimer. I am not an expert on Pinterest. Nor, do I use it a lot myself. In fact, some people may truly underestimate Pinterest. But the point here is that I listen to the people who do know what they are talking about.

First, we know that when you sell products online those images are critical to your success. Second, people love pinning products they use, wish for or dream of. The thing is not all images are created equally nor do they often pin optimally. When someone is on your shop, and chooses to share a product via your Pinterest share button, wouldn’t it be perfect if that image and a message where exactly what you wanted them to share? Of course you do.

Well, the solution was presented to me when I interviewed Dustin Stout, co-creator of the Social Warfare plugin for WordPress on our podcast quite sometime ago and it has stuck with me.

But for this post I want to specifically share with you the power behind this plugin, the premium version, and the Pinterest shares.

Setting Up Custom Pinterest Shares for Your Products

Of course you will simply add the Pinterest button to your displayed buttons in the settings.

add pinterest to your share buttons

You will be able to set the share buttons on all your product pages or you can easily place them strategically using a shortcode.

Within the settings you will find this little gem, the Image Hover Pin Button, that allows you to add a Pinit Button to your images easily with a bit of control of how it displays. As you can see, there are several options for placement of the pin in the image and size of the pin.

Two other options that I want to point our here that will really help with your product sharing strategy are:

Image Source: This allows you to have the pin include either the image in the post, or as I show you in just a bit, your customer image.

Description Source: Again, options for the default Image ALT Text or the custom description.

Now it seems obvious that a custom image and description would be the better option. But maybe not the case all the time and you will need to think this through. Also, if you already have dozens or hundreds of posts published, by default it will share the post image if a custom one isn’t define, so you would need to decide if it’s feasible to go back and update those posts, or maybe selected posts with the custom image and description.

image hover pin button options

If you reader hovers over an image, they will see a save button.

hover pin save

And when they move over the button.

image hover pin icon

Your Custom Pin on the Post

If you choose, now you can add your custom image and description, which gives you much more flexibility for the specific post.

post options for pinning

In fact, since this is a custom image just for pinning, I would suggest one gets a bit creative here. Consider any text to add to the image itself, in addition to the custom Pinterest Description. You could even add a simple collage of two or three angles of the image, if that was appropriate. Whatever the case, just think of all the possibilities you have when it comes to people pinning your products.

How to Use Social Warfare with WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce or any other eCommerce plugin, likely most will work with Social Warfare because it recognizes post types and you can turn them off and on. For this example, I am using WooCommerce. As you can see here, I have turned products on.

postion product share button

Once I have added the Pinterest icon to my mix, customers can now share my products as well. But note that the hover button will not work on the product image. But you will still be able to take advantage of the custom image and description.

For example, here is my product page on WooCommerce.

product page on woo

If I was to click on the Pinterest share icon, it would pull in the product image and the content that is next to the image in the short description area in WooCommerce.

pin without custom

But if I was to add a custom image and description to this product like this.

custom image and desc for mic

Now the shared pin would look like this with the image a better fitting size.

As I mentioned before, you probably would take more time on the custom image but you get the concept. Also, the fact that you can place the share buttons easily with a shortcode allows you to be a bit more strategic as far as where the share button is on a product page, and allowing you the chance to add it to specific products.

Of course the Pinterest share is only one part of the Social Warfare Plugin. If you are looking for a powerful sharing plugin or if you do rely heavily on pinned shares of images, such as a photography site or some other image-powered blog, this could be a great solution for you as well.