How to Give Your Customers a Quick Checkout on Your WooCommerce Shop

We all know that with each additional click we require our customers to make, we lose a certain percentage of them. We also know that the dreaded shopping cart abandonment happens as well. There are many solutions and plugins out there to help you with this problem when you use WooCommerce.  You just need to find the right one.

Consider the checkout process. It might be worth it to allow your customers to purchase a product on any of your pages with fewer clicks and no page reloads. This can be done on any single product page or on a page or post on your WordPress site.

That is what the Quick Checkout for WooCommerce will do for your products or services.

Quick Checkout for WooCommerce Online Stores and Sites

Once you have installed the plugin,  you will find the settings under the WooCommerce settings > Quick Checkout. Your first options are to enable Quick Checkout on the shop page, single product posts or on all product posts.

display options in settings

Once you have enabled any of these options, you will get additional settings.

Shop Page Display Options

Here you can provide the option to avoid clicking through to the product page on the Shop Page. There are two choices for when you want the quick checkout button to appear, the text that displays, and two options of either a lightbox opening up for the checkout or revealing the checkout.

shop page displays

If we go to the shop page and roll over the image or the add to cart button, we see that a buy-now button appears.

buy now on shop page

If we click on it, and have toggled the option for an open checkout in responsive lightbox, we are able to check out.

shop page popup modal

If we toggle Reveal checkout on shop page instead, you get a checkout position option:

checkout position

For example, if we chose it to be below the shop loop, we get the buy now rollover button as before, and when the buy-now button is clicked, the checkout appears below the products. Note that when it is clicked on, the page will automatically scroll down to the checkout form.

quick checkout on shop page inserted

Individual Product Post Display Options

By toggling this option, you will have it available on single product pages:

toggle product page option

When we are in a single product page editor, we will find the option to toggle the Quick Check on, and then choose how we want it to display:

quickcheck options for single products

You have the same options on that page as far as a responsive lightbox or adding it to the page. And you can toggle the buy-now button off or on over the image. But the display option is different on this page as far as adding a buy-now button next to the add to cart button.

Add Quick Checkout button AFTER the Add to Cart button

Add Quick Checkout button BEFORE the Add to Cart button

before add to cart

Replace the Add to Cart button with the Quick Checkout Button

replace add to cart button

Global Product Post Display Options

If you want all of your products to have the Quick Checkout in place, you can choose this option. Note that this adds an option to add Quick Checkout to your Related Products as well.

We see that if we choose Reveal checkout within product post content, there are several options for the Checkout position:

global product post display options


There are several option to display shortcodes and add them anywhere on your site. A post, page, page builder block, or specific landing page. For example, on the plugin’s site they have instructions for:

  • Show Quick Checkout Shortcode
  • Reveal Quick Checkout Shortcode
  • Open Checkout Shortcode
  • Product Quick Checkout Shortcode

Plus these options in the settings:

shortcode display options

The shortcodes are very flexible and give you an opportunity to generate more sales through your pages and posts.

Overall, this plugin does exactly what it promises. It’s not complicated and allows your customers to skip through and make the purchase. There are many instances that this could be extremely valuable, especially if you create any landing pages for your products or services that you sell through WooCommerce. So do check out the Quick Checkout for WooCommerce.