How to Easily Manage Media and Content on your WooCommerce Store

When you run an online store you often end up with a ton of images. Product images. Finding them in your media library can be like going down a rabbit hole. The same can be said for posts and pages.

It’s really all about folders. That’s what we do on our computers; we organize things in folders. so, wouldn’t it be great to do the same thing with your WordPress media and content?

Organize Your Media and Content with Wicked Folders

As you might have guessed, this can be used for any WordPress site that has a lot of content and images. Imagine a travel or cooking blog. Those are two prime examples. But for the sake of this post, we are going to look at using it with WooCommerce.

The Wicked Folders plugin works with posts, pages and custom post types. You can browse those by category, author, date, and page hierarchy. You can also browse media by file extension, which makes it very handy to use.


Here you will toggle which media and content you want to create folders for. As you can see, since I have activated WooCommerce, there are several post types offered. I find it interesting that it allows you to create folders for your coupons as well as your orders and subscriptions, all which could be useful.

You also have the option for Dynamic Folders, which are folders that are generated for useful content such as dates and authors.

Organizing Your Media with Folders

Once we have installed and activated the plugin, we will find the folder options for our media library on the left side. Just click on the file icon at the top to toggle the file view on and off with the two standard media library views.

Adding a Media Folder

To create your new folder, just click the “+” icon.

Adding Media to the Folder

Once it’s created, I can easily drag-and-drop any images into the folder.

Now, if I click on the Logo folder, I will find the image in there as well as in my overall media library.

Also, when you are uploading an image or file to your media library directly, into a post or page, you have the option to choose the folder you want it assigned to.

Folder Menu

In the menu of your folders, you can add a new one, as I have already shown shown you, edit the name of the folder, delete the folder and expand or collapse the view of all folders.

Note that if you delete a folder, that folder only is deleted, not the content of the folder, which remains in your media library.

Dynamic Folders in the Media Library

As you can see, the Dynamic Folders consist of Unassigned, Authors, Dates and Extension, which allows you to easily fine tune your search for media.

The Unassigned Folder will hold any files that have yet to be added to a folder.

Authors Folder

If you have a lot of people uploading images and you need to see who has done what, this is a great option:

Dates Folder

This is pretty cool as it really narrows it down to an easy view, down to the day of the month.

Extension Folder

How many times have you searched for those pdf’s you uploaded? Well, this makes your life a lot easier because it breaks it down for you.

And if add media with a new extension, such as a .mp3, it creates a new dynamic folder automatically.

One of the interesting aspects of this plugin is that if you have filtered by a folder, say, in your media library, and you go back to your posts and do something else, when you return to the products page, it will still be set for that filter, versus it reloading like the media library does by default in WordPress.

Organizing Your Content

Essentially you can organize your content the same way as your media. If you look at your posts, you will find the same options with an added dynamic folder for categories.

Organize Your WooCommerce Images and Products

You will likely want to organize your product images in your media library. This helps you keep better track of them. It will be easy to view any images you need to depending on how creative you get with your folders. It can be as simple as a folder for all the microphones you sell, or any other organization scheme that meets your needs.

When you upload a product image, just as you would any image, you can assign it to a folder.

upload and assign product image

But if we go to our products, just as you found with posts, you have all the options that come with this plugin. And it also has created a folder for your product categories.

As you can see, this plugin is very straightforward and easy to use. And for your WooCommerce site, it could be invaluable.

The fact that it works with organizing not only your media, but posts, pages and custom post types, gives it incredible versatility when you are looking to organize your media and content—anything from events to eCommerce options.

I suggest that you check out the Wicked Folders plugin so you can start having more control over your WordPress media and content.