Meet Our Podcast Sponsor: WP Activity Log

If you want to stay on top of your store and know what has been done, when it’s been done and by who, look no further.

WP Activity Log for WooCommerce

Activity logs are great for security, but they go even further to help you keep a log of your store and product changes.

Full Activity Log

Want to know what changes your team is making. If something breaks, you can easily track that down. Troubleshooting becomes easier because you will be able to see those details whether they are text, status, metadata or a variety of other changes.

Keep On Top of Your Store Changes

Time is money and being able to instantly find mistakes made is critical. On the other hand making sure you store is compliant helps with records you have of any changes. These changes can include:

  • Weight and dimension unit setting changes
  • Payment gateways settings and changes
  • Currency, taxes and checkout store settings changes
  • Base location and address changes

Know Your Product Changes

Products are probably one of the elements of your store that can have the most changes. It can be major or just a simple price change. But having the ability to keep track of what changed can save your hours of work. Here is some examples of what you can stay on top of:

  • Create, delete or change the status and visibility of a product
  • Change the text of the product long or short descriptions
  • Edit the product metadata such as URL, date and product data
  • Change price, stock quantity, weight or other product data

Coupons, Order Management and More

Orders statuses are constantly being changed. And tracking back to those dates and actions can mean a make or break with customers. Here are just three of the logs you will see:

  • Product stock changes as a result of purchases
  • Orders management (order is created, processed, refunded etc)
  • Coupons creation, changes and settings changes

Email Notifications

Email is essential for a smooth running shop. That doesn’t stop with your logs. Make sure you and others are notified when stuff happens.


WooCommerce comes with its own reports, but you will be able to expand that to generate any type of user, product or store report that can be created via your activity log detail.

This is only a fraction of what you will get with this plugin. So visit their site here to learn even more.

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