Four Mistakes WooCommerce Store Startups Make with Their Marketing Plans

When I talk with people who build WooCommerce sites, often the subject of the lack of a marketing plan comes up. Or mistakes made around those efforts.

There are quite a few things that can be overlooked or go sideways when it comes to a marketing plan. The most obvious one is not having one.

Don’t Assume that the Traffic Will Flow In

Sometimes we make certain assumptions about building and operating an online store. One of the huge ones is that traffic to our site will immediately start pouring in. That people will stumble upon the site—and stick around—or that one magical day they will do a whole bunches of Google searches and the traffic will explode.

Of course, from experience, we know this isn’t how it works. It can be dangerous to your business’s health if you make this assumption when creating your marketing plan or content strategy.

Refrain from Spamming Everyone

There is nothing more tempting than letting the world know about your new store, whether on Facebook, Twitter or some other social platform. Maybe in your excitement you send out multiple emails.  While I am sure you mean well, if you overdo it people will think of one thing. SPAM. If this happens, people will start tuning you out fast.

You want this to be a strategy in your marketing plan with a thoughtful, healthy approach to helping people discover you. Think of ways to creatively introduce people to your new online store. Most of all, remember, it takes time.

Ease Into Affiliate or Referral Systems

You build your online store, or have someone else do it. Right out of the gate you also decide to push your affiliate and referral programs. It might be as simple as offering $10 for a referral. But remember, for referral marketing to work, people have to be insanely loyal and love your stuff. And have you really given them enough time to become a committed advocate?

When you are new, unfortunately, most people don’t care (yet).  Referrals take nurturing and care. Don’t count on them for miracles.

These are just three of the mistakes I see over and over again. Marketing plans can be tough to create, but if you have one in place at the start, you will save yourself a ton of headaches down the road.