Mixing Products and Dropshipped Products on Your WooCommerce Store

From the WP eCommerce Show: Dropshipping and WooCommerce with AJ Morris

In the podcast I talked with AJ about dropshipping and WordPress eCommerce stores. But one question I asked specifically about WooCommerce: Is it ever a good idea to mix dropshipped products in with your regular products?

Should You Mix Dropshipping in with Your WooCommerce Products?

Let’s consider the case for implementing some sort of drop shipping method into an existing store. It’s very common for businesses to sell products, digital or physical, that they own and carry in their stock on hand. But they might also want to increase their total cart purchase by adding a drop ship supplier or for some products that they don’t make.

I ran into this issue with a customer a few weeks ago, a coffee shop. They do their own roasting. All of their coffee is available online for order, but they wanted to offer customized mugs, or be able to offer different coffee making tools. These could be brand name coffee makers or filters.

They were able to take their existing WooCommerce site that already has all of their physical products in stock and available, and find a drop shipping supplier that offered some of the products they wanted to sell. And then they imported those products into WooCommerce.

At the end of the day, when you go to their site, you see all the products. And to us, as a consumer, we don’t even know that it’s coming from a dropship supplier. It’s looks like it comes directly from the coffee shop. This makes it very easy to bump up that total cart value without having to worry about what they have in stock.