Build Your WooCommerce Store. A Neve Theme Review

When you are building your WooCommerce site, it is critical to find the right theme to fill the needs of your specific niche. And the more flexible a theme is, the easier you are able to get what you want.

The Neve theme with its pro add-on and recent update ranks right up there with some of the top themes for WooCommerce stores.

Using the Neve Theme for Your WooCommerce Site

In this post, I have installed the free theme Neve, but have also added the Neve Pro plugin. With AMP integration and page builder compatibility, you’ll be on your way.

After installing the plugin, there are some recommended actions and suggested plugins to help you get started. For example, you can access the sites library to choose some designs/demos that are available through several of the settings in the customizer.

If we look at the library, you can see the demos that can help you get a head start on your design. Here are several if you have chosen to use the page builder Elementor. There is also an option for a Gutenberg demo.

Neve Pro Add-on Modules

Here you can toggle the specific modules off and on. As you can see, there is WooCommerce Booster module, which we will touch on in a bit.

Here you have the option to integrate the popular page builder Elementor and the LifterLMS plugin for online courses as well.

We will revisit these specific features in a minute, but first let’s take a look at the built-in features that have been extended and improved. As with most WordPress themes these days, you will find your options available via the customizer.

Neve Typography

For the general typography, we get some fine-tuning control with dozens of font families.

And control over specific heading sizes as well.


You get some nice control over the buttons built into the Neve theme, both for primary and secondary buttons.

Mega Menus

The Neve theme gives you an option to build mega menus, which for online stores have proven very effective. The mega menus are created using CSS Classes and custom links.

For the purpose of this post, I have not taken the time to build one because it’s done in your native Menu setting in WordPress. But if you want to see more details of how this is done, I would suggest you check out their documentation here.

Adding the Neve Pro Modules and Your WooCommerce Store

Many of the features that come with the add-on modules not only give you some cool additional options, but also extend existing options such as layout, etc.

I have chosen to go over these features with the add-on installed.

Drag and Drop Header Customization

With the Header Booster activated in the add-on, you can easily customize your header with buttons, search and cart icons, and more. As you can see in this screenshot, the drag-and-drop features are below your page view so you can see changes as you make them.

The available components are ready to be dropped in where you want them, and each one has its own specific settings on the left.

For a simple example, you can see that I have added a second row to the header. It gives you an idea of how easy it is to customize your header.

I left the top menu the same, except I removed the search icon. And I have added a sales button, social icons and a search field in the header.

Drag and Drop Footer Customization

Similar to the header, the built-in footer customization works similarly, allowing you to create four footer areas as well as a footer menu.

Within each footer area, you have two options.

The general settings allow you to add a widget. Layout gives you the choice of alignment as well as adjusting both padding and margin of your footer widget areas.

Custom Layouts

You can use two different options for your layouts. The global setting in your customizer give you several different layout options. On the left are the built-in layouts, and on the right you can see what is extended with the add-on. In particular, it gives you control over the shop, cart page and checkout page of your WooCommerce store.

Each layout option has different settings, but here are the features you have for each WooCommerce related layout.

With the add-on, you get an option to create custom layouts. There are two parts to this. If you add the page builder Elementor, you can create your custom page layout. The add-on gives you control by using conditional logic to apply header, footer and hooks to various pages, taxonomies, etc.

And you can control where this custom layout is displayed.

For example, I could create the layout and then apply it only to products in a specific category.

There are a lot of templates you can start with if you are using Elementor so you can imagine all the flexibility you have here creating these custom layouts.

The Blog Booster

With the add-on, you also have the ability to extend your blog posts. As you can see, there are many elements you can control and customize on single posts and archive pages.

As you can see, the Neve theme with the Neve Pro Add-on brings an incredible amount of flexibility and customization to your WooCommerce store.

I already mentioned that it integrates seamlessly with AMP, but it is also translation-ready and works with both WPML and Weglot.

Any theme that has this kind of control can only be touched on in a post like this. Only getting in there and digging into the features will show you what you can do. Add a page builder like Elementor to the mix, and you can customize your store just as you have imagined it.

Go to Themeisles site to check out the Neve theme and the Neve Pro Add-on modules, including their documentation, which does a nice job of showing you even more of what you can do with this multi-purpose theme.