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How to Use WooCommerce for Booking Appointments and Reservations

WooCommerce Bookings Extension

WooCommerce Bookings Extension

Last week WooThemes released this cool, new extension for WooCommerce. Right away I could using this for my own hourly bookings as well as some other stuff in the future. So join me as I do an overview of this handy extension and learn how it might be the perfect solution for you whether it’s for your time, space rental, or a whole slew of other uses.

This extension has some great features:

Ability to book a client/customer yourself or easy front-end bookings for clients/customers.

Easily edit, change or cancel bookings.

Multiple features that allow to you block out years, months, days and hours.

Custom settings to block out a one-time specific date or date range

Global available/not available months, days and time for all products, and specific options for each product.

Multiple options for instructors, consultants, room rentals, etc. with different rates.

Ability to allow customers/clients to do multiple bookings.

Control over how soon the next booking date is available and how far into the calendar they can book.

Booking available for customers/clients for any number of people.

Email reminder for upcoming product bookings.

Works with all WooCommerce products.