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Do the Woo Changelog

I’ve never had a product for which I needed to create a changelog. And, for as many changelogs that I have reviewed, well, maybe I was a tiny bit envious, although not too much.

Not creating a changelog likely has more to do with the fact that it doesn’t necessarily work for a website, let alone a podcast.

But if a changelog is a log of changes, I figure that certainly applies to Do the Woo right now.

Do the Woo Gets a Changelog

Before I share my fantastic changelog, yes, version 5.0 is around the corner. A few things can always throw a small twist into your timeline, but I am moving right along. And heck, when it comes out, I can always update it here.

Do the Woo Changelog

V1.0 – 03.09.2016

  • NEW: Do the Woo podcast episode 1 released
  • NEW: Hosted by BobWP
  • NEW: Guests from the WooCommerce space

V2.0 – 09.10.2016

  • NEW: Do the Woo changes to the WP eCommerce Show
  • NEW: Covers the bigger ecosystem of WordPress and eCommerce

V3.0 – 01.08.2018

  • NEW: Do the Woo podcast returns
  • BUGFIX: Revert to WooCommerce-focused content

V3.1 – 04.11.2018

  • BUGFIX: Added co-host Brad Williams because listeners didn’t want to hear just BobWP

V3.2 – 09.27.2018

  • FIXES: Sponsorships added

V3.3 – 01.10.2019

  • FIXES: Artwork updated

V3.4 – 04.18.2019

  • BUGFIX: Artwork updated again

V4.0 – 01.09.2020

  • NEW: is now Do the Woo on BobWP
  • NEW: Weekly podcast
  • NEW: Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland join as co-hosts
  • NEW: Intro music
  • NEW: Do the Woo news podcast added
  • NEW: Friends of Do the Woo added
  • FIXES: Formatted transcripts added for accessibility

V4.1 – 02.06.2020

  • NEW: becomes first community sponsor

Do the Woo 5.0 Coming

As I mentioned before, Do the Woo 5.0 is coming. This could be as large as WordPress 5.0. (Probably not in most people’s eyes, but it’s big for us.)

Hope you enjoyed my changelog and now I have something else to keep updated.

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