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More Podcasting on Do the Woo, Woo Perspectives

As you know, the Do the Woo podcast comes out weekly, every Thursday. With the new iteration of Do the Woo, I will be adding another element to podcast episodes. This will be happening every other Tuesday— in addition to the regular one.

Conversations on Woo Perspectives

If you’ve listened to our podcast, it is me, a cohost and a guest, or maybe two guests. We learn more about their stories, their journey, challenges, wins and everything in between. This new episode, while still a part of the Do the Woo podcast, will be called Woo Perspectives. In traditional terms, it would be called a panel, but I like to say, simply, “Join us for a meeting of the Woo minds”.

These minds could be developers, agency owners, product creators, or a number of other names for WooCommerce builders. We are going to dive into the deeper thoughts of those minds.

It won’t be how they do something, or telling you how to do something. Instead it will be a conversation of insights and perspectives. It could be something in the news, thoughts around core, or perhaps centered around a chat or share found on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.

It will be a Woo-related topic ripe for some conversation

I am merely a moderator, or, you might say, connector. You’re not tuning in to hear my insights or perspectives. Instead, I will have three people that come from different parts of the WooCommerce ecosystem and hear what their thoughts are and let that grow into a conversation.

It will be informative, fun and entertaining while giving us a glimpse into some of the thoughts of the people in this community. This one will also be available on video.

Hope you will listen in or watch the first episode on Tuesday, October 27th.