New WooCommerce Podcast: Do the Woo News

New WooCommerce Podcast: Do the Woo News
Do the Woo News

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Starting this Friday, my Do the Woo News post will also be available as a podcast.

Each Friday, I publish the Do the Woo Roundup, a collection of news from the prior week. It includes:

  • News from WooCommerce and the community
  • New WooCommerce plugins and extensions, both free and premium, released in the last 10 days on the WooCommerce marketplace, and other third-party sites
  • Other news in the eCommerce world of interest to Woo users on occassion.

Woo News for Everyone

The reason for this is not to merely start another podcast. It’s to make it more accessible for anyone who prefers the podcast medium.

It will be a shorter podcast and I will be the host. Essentially I will cover what I normally share in the post. For some of the articles shared I will give you a summarization of the article while trying to pull out one or two highlights. But the majority will be just a quick blurb as we do in our posts.

Obviously this could grow and change over time to maybe even include short editorial perspectives. We will see.

You will soon be able to subscribe via your favorite podcasting platform.

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