Next Week – eCommerce Web Week

The last week of the year, between Christmas and New Year’s is often labeled Web Week. It’s considered that time of the year when traffic is a bit lower to your site, so in turn, a great time to do some changes, migrate to a new host, or simply do some tuning up.

So here on BobWP, we decided to make it eCommerce Web Week with a different slant.

First, next Wednesday on our last podcast of the year, we will be talking with Jason Cosper at WPEngine about tuning up your site for the New Year. Here is someone who works hands-on with sites all the time and has seen it all. You’ll have a chance to think about your own site and what might be some good first steps in giving it that thorough once-over.

Then starting on Dec. 26th, going through Dec. 31st, each day we will have a short interview with a knowledgeable WooCommerce peep about their reflections looking back at 2016 and their insights and predictions around eCommerce in 2017. The questions they will be answering:

  1. What was the coolest thing you saw happen in the WooCommerce space in 2016?
  2. Share with our readers an WooCommerce site you worked on or found particularly interesting this past year.
  3. Now time to look to the future. Tell us your prediction for what we might see coming to WooCommerce in 2017?
  4. Give us your one best tip for anyone who is considering starting their first online store.
  5. Lastly, tell us what was your favorite place to shop online for the holidays and why.

Of course you can also peruse our archives during that week to find resources and tutorials to help you with your efforts over that last week. And of course, if you are taking the week off from the web, pop in after the New Year and catch up on these great interviews.

No matter where you are in the world and what you are celebrating, Judy and I hope you have an wonderful time filled with peace and good times.

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