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Not a Typical Day at

Daily writing prompt
Was today typical?

This prompt could not have hit me at any better time.

There are many things that lead to this post. First, I was holding off as I wanted to wait for any formal announcement. Secondly, I saw the daily writing prompt which somehow, as a long-time blogger, teases me.

So why wasn’t today typical?

Well, let me be blunt. After 13 years, this site is now hosted on It has had a history of hundreds, if not thousands of posts. Recently I cleaned it up for various reasons, which I may talk about in the next post.

But the fact is this is the first post I have written on with it being hosted on Let alone my first “Daily Writing Prompt” on this site.

That is not a typical day for me. But it’s a wonderful day.

Watch for another post coming up where I talk a bit more why I moved my site here.

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