(Not) Learning while I build my new site for the BobWP brand

I lied. This was all a fantasy. I’m not going to use this site to spend my time learning all the things WordPress to create something over time. What freaking time? Soon I will be adding a new theme to make my life easier here to get the look I want faster. Back to focusing on community and content. 😀

My first post was about the fact that I was starting blog here before I even build this new rebrand of BobWP. It’s something I am not in a hurry to do as I am working on a few things over the next 3 months as well as doing a big update to Do the Woo.

Where do I start?

With a nice themed template to get there where I want to go fast.

Interestingly enough, since I have been thinking of where to go from here with the site, primarily the building of the site, I was looking at different themes and options. You know, that rabbit hole. Then something occurred to me. I have yet to really take the time to experience blocks and the site editor from scratch.

With Do the Woo, I hired someone to do the redesign, but in a way, I feel like I lost touch, literally, physically, with the new way to build sites with WordPress.

So I have decided I am starting with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme and going from there.

What will transpire?


That is a good question, as I literally have no idea. The blog is here. And that is now the foundation. What is built around this will come to me day by day, or by trial and error. I’ll build it out live as I continue to post on this blog.

You know, laying things out. Exploring blocks. Choosing colors and type. Adding or not adding plugins. The typical WordPress build.

Wish me luck.

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