Display Notifications on Your WooCommerce Store with NotificationX

There are numerous ways to increase conversions on your WooCommerce store. Displaying real-time notifications is one of those ways.

example of popup

NotificationX offers the display of sales notifications, email subscription alerts, blog comment alerts and social proof popups. It can be used on any WordPress site where you sell products, services, online courses or memberships.

NotificationX: A WordPress Marketing Plugin

In this post, we are going to look at how to use NotificationX with your WooCommerce site.

Advanced Integrations with NotificationX

The power of NotificationX lies in its integrations. Besides WooCommerce, it also integrates with Easy Digital Downloads.

In addition, in oder to take full advantage of its features, it works with the most-popular email services MailChimp and ConvertKit.

If you are using Freemius, they also have you covered. In fact, it seamlessly integrates with WordPress.org to showcase your plugin or theme reviews and you can get downloads numbers there.

Add because it also works with Zapier, you have hundreds of possible integrations at your fingertips.

general settings notificationx

The ability to toggle the powered-by link on and off lets you collect analytics from all visitors, guests only or registered users only.

advanced settings notifcationx

And your cache settings:

cache settings

API Integrations are the settings for all the services that you can connect to that were shown in the first screenshot.

NotificationX Quick Builder

With the power of this plugin, you can quickly build your notifications. As you can see, you will start with selecting your source, which is based on what you would like to display and what that source would be.

If we choose sales notification, we automatically get WooCommerce as the source:

builder source

Designing Your Notifications

Next comes the design. Staying with the Sales Notification, you see that you have a choice of a few templates.

quick builder templates for sales notifications

Displaying Your Notification

Now we will choose where to display the notification.

You can choose from either the bottom left or right:

notification on bottom left or right

You can show it everywhere, hide it somewhere specifically, or as here, show it somewhere specifically.

where on the site to display

And decide who should see it:

Editing and Advanced Design

Following that same example, we can even get deeper into the design and where it is displayed. After saving the notification, I can edit it here:

all notifications

We will end up on a page that walks us through the same areas but with refined settings.

editing a notification

You can see the advanced design options you have when it comes to the design of your notification: with color, type and image display.

Next comes the content. This is where you can choose which products you want to show sales notifications for with link options— and adding UTM control if you choose.

advanced content options

In the content settings you can select an Advance Template that shows you some variables you can use.

advance template for content

The Display option is exactly the same as you had in the quick builder. But since I didn’t have the template with the photo included in the first screenshot, you can see how you can control the image there.

product image control in layout settings

Lastly, the customize tab brings in even more control around the appearance, timing, behavior and sounds. The is the final fine-tuning you will want to do with your notifications.

custom edits

This is only one example and since we blog here about WooCommerce, we wanted to highlight the integration with product sales. Of course, the options and templates will vary for other features, such as comments, reviews, download stats, notification bars and email subscriptions.

Since some readers might also have free plugins or themes available through WordPress.org, they might want to display some notifications from there as well.

WordPress.org Integration

The integration with WordPress.org makes it slick to pull in download numbers and reviews. This is a perfect option if you are selling freemium plugins and themes.

The notification types of comments, reviews and download stats are available with WordPress.org.

In the quick builder, the options and themes will be very similar to the ones used for sales notifications, with slightly different variations. The same with most of the other settings as well.

Even if your site is home to the premium version, having this information pop up in notifications for perspective buyers will give you social proof around your free version. This is a pretty cool feature if you are using WooCommerce, but it also works with Easy Digital Downloads or Freemius to sell your plugins or themes.

Get Social Proof and Increase Your WooCommerce Store’s Conversions

The plugin is intuitive and easy to set up. With the various notifications, you can get creative and go beyond product sales with your WooCommerce store. I would suggest you check out their site to learn more and see a live example of what these notifications look like. Check it out on their site over at NotifcationX.com.