Offer Customers a Bulk Download Option on Their Account Page in WooCommerce

You may run an online store where you find customers buying several downloaded products, for instance, music or books. Giving them the option to create a zipped file and downloading them in one sweep is another benefit to give to them.

There are several ways you could use this option. It could even be free downloads for your members or valued customers. Or it could be a number of other kinds of products, such as gaming software or simply PDF’s.

Allow Customers to Create and Download a Zip File of Their Purchases

The WooCommerce Bulk Download extension makes this easy. But note that it only works on downloads that you have on your server. The ones you have on another server, say, Amazon S3, cannot be included in the bulk download option.

The settings, under Products >Downloadable products, are custom labeling of three configurations.

When you are in your download product page, you are able to toggle the product off or on as far as making it available for bulk downloads.

Downloads in Account Page

You can now go into your account page and download any specific downloadable products you have purchased, or select all to download in a zipped file.

After clicking the download all files button, the file has downloaded.

There will also be Download Order Files button in the Order Received page as well.

It’s as easy as that. If you are looking to give your customers this choice, I would check out the WooCommerce Bulk Download extension. And if you want to learn how to create and extend downloadable products on your store, check out our in-depth post here.