Offer Downloads with Your Subscriptions on Your WooCommerce Store

What if you had some downloads that you wanted to offer to anyone who buys a subscription on your WooCommerce-run site? These could be extra, special offer, something free, or downloads you are already selling on your store.

The WooCommerce Subscription Downloads extension gives you the power to do this. It doesn’t make your downloads only available to subscribers. You are also able to see them as individual products on your online store.

You will need to have the extension WooCommerce Subscriptions in order for it to work.

Easily Assign a Download to a Subscription

Once you have the extension activated, when you create your downloadable product, you have the option to assign it to a single or multiple subscriptions.

Create a Download for a Subscription

As an example, I have a PDF that has an eBook on podcasting. I also have a podcasting mastermind that I sell a six-month subscription to. So when someone purchases it, I would like them to have the eBook.

As you can see, I have the PDF created as a product that sells on my store for $9.95.

When the subscriber goes into their account page, under subscriptions, they will find the download there and can download it at their convenience. They will also notice that they are not charged for the ebook.

The download will be available to the customer as long as they are a subscriber to the product.

Also, any download you add will not only be available to new subscribers, but for any others who have had a subscription with you. This could act as a nice reward to your current subscribers as well.

And unlike a product tied specifically to a subscription, the ebook is still on sale on my shop as well.

As you can see, this is an easy extension to set up and use. Just check out he WooCommerce Subscription Downloads extension here.

Creating and Extending Virtual and Downloadable Products

If you need to understand more of the basics of how to set up virtual and downloadable products in WooCommerce, visit our post here and also learn other ways to extend this product option.