Should You Integrate Courses Into Your WooCommerce Store?

You might be considering adding online courses to your WooCommerce site. You are already selling products. It might be a concern that you will be distracting your customers.

Obviously, some people choose to run their online courses using WooCommerce in some way. It might be a better solution for the eCommerce side of things. Or perhaps, you want to sell some products to your students. Heck, WooCommerce even has its own online course extension, Sensei.

Where Should My Online Course Exist?

You may ask yourself, should I just add the course to my existing website or a new URL?

Well, that is one of those questions that is answered depending on your online course. And it’s pretty simple.

If the course makes more sense under a new brand, or is so unrelated to what you sell, the obvious move is to create a new site, new name and new URL.

On the other hand, if you can creatively develop a course that compliments your products, then it makes sense to include it on your existing WooCommerce store.

The key here is not to add courses simply because everyone is doing it.

Using Your Courses for a Funnel

This is where you can actually upsell your students to purchase products, but at the same time you need to be very careful. Filling any educational piece with sales pitches, whether your course is free or paid, won’t get you any conversions. You need to creatively educate your students while nudging them into the prospect of purchasing your products.

The same can be said for the opposite. Funneling your customers to become students. Depending on your product, providing an optional rich, educational experience might work, but consider that this is likely a route with a low bar of success. You don’t expect people to buy your courses simply to learn how to use your product more effectively.

Which leads me to this.

Using Free Courses

You have a huge opportunity, with any physical or virtual product to offer a free course to help your customers get the most our of it. or even showing creative ways to extend its usage.

This is an invaluable resource in terms of just marketing and lead generation. A bonus that could set you apart from competitors.

And depending on how those courses go, it may make sense to produce some additional ones that are paid. Whatever you do, don’t feel like adding a little value to your existing free course and start charging customers.

It’s not rocket-science. But it does taking some thinking through and you need to lay out your goals to see if this strategy is worth pursuing. In the end, educating your customers is always relevant. Just be sure you do it the right way.