Deciding Between Organic and Paid Search for Your WooCommerce Store

Paid ads are a very nice way to begin to understand what key words and phrases are important and what’s gonna drive very high quality traffic (high quality meaning converting traffic to an e commerce website) and from there you can use the list of keywords that are sending you quality traffic and say, “All right, how do we go after these in organic?”

And from there, build the content and do the PR and do the link building and the optimizations, technical and onsite, that are required to reach that. And SEO’s a much, much more challenging game than PPC. PPC you can if you craft great ads and you have a great website that converts well and you’re willing to bid high and take some time to build up your reputation there, you can generally win if you’re also building your brand at the same time. Don’t forget that brand preference plays a huge role in this because google will charge less to brands that get more clicks.

The algorithm for paid searches, not just who pays the most but who generates the most clicks, who generates the most interest, so building up your brand with consumers is crucial as well. That being said, in organic search it’s a whole different game, and ranking in that, while very very powerful, is a long-term play. You can spend months or years doing SEO and you’re gonna see returns over quarters, not days.

So  it pays to be aware of that and have that patience and to recognize you’re gonna have to spend serious optimization and content time, public relations outreach and link-building outreach to be able to win. But the folks who do win, even in places where there’s three or four ads above the folds, you’re still seeing click-through rates on the organic results of 60% plus. That number one organic ranking position is still the most valuable piece of real estate in Google for most searches. I say most because there are a good number that have things like featured snippets or other types of answer boxes where sometimes those are even more valuable.