PayPal or Stripe on Your WooCommerce Store?

Over the years I have heard this question numerous times. So I thought I would tell you a story from several years ago.

To set the scene, first let me tell you that I have been using PayPal for a long time. No matter what horror stories you have heard, for me it’s worked great. Because of my sale level I have not needed to go to a merchant account, nor would want to get involved with it. PayPal has just made it easier for me.

Testing the Payment Gateway Waters

The story takes place around a couple of years ago when I was making yet another attempt at a membership site. Of course I was using WooCommerce, but at that time the site protection was the Groups extension, so it was quite a bit more limiting than the current membership plugins that’s available. In any case, I had launched the site and was pondering the payment gateway Stripe. Mainly because a lot of my friends and colleagues were raving about it and many felt they were going to move away from PayPal entirely, for several reasons.

Now I had been listening to all of this long before I launched this site, so it had been on my mind. But initially I just wasn’t ready to take PayPal off. In fact, I knew that it wasn’t a matter of dropping PayPal wherever I used it, but simply deciding whether I should try Stripe at all.

Then came the time awhile after the site launched. More and more people I know were raving about Stripe and the temptation was overwhelming. So one day I just said screw it. I’m going to get signed up for Stripe, buy the WooCommerce extension and go for it. Yes, back then I needed to buy it, but of course, now it’s free.

Once I was setup, I must say I was impressed with the user interface for stripe. It was very slick. I was ready to rock, as some say.

Where Did PayPal Go?

But no more than 3 or 4 hours slipped by and I got an email. Someone asked me why I didn’t have PayPal as an option. And yes, less than 4 hours had gone by. They explained that it was the only way they could pay. I thought about that and within the hour I received two more asking me the same. In fact one said they had come back to join and wondered why I took PayPal off?

One more email flew in and I said, damn, PayPal, you are coming back. So I popped in, activated PayPal via woo commerce and replied to all the emails that we were good to go. Each one joined my site.

Options are Good

So as you can guess, lesson learned. People do want options. No matter how you feel about PayPal there are a lot of people that find it the preferred payment gateway, no arguments. But for those haters, sure, I left Stripe up there.

I cannot say what goes on in the mind of the buyer. Do they use Stripe because they refuse to use PayPal. Or do they just prefer Stripe over PayPal. Whatever the case may be, in my experience, sales over time, always play out to be about 50/50 with the two of these. So obviously having a choice is good.

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