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WooCommerce, Marketplaces and the Dokan Plugin with Tareq Hasan

In this podcast, I am talking with Tareq Hasan about their plugin and using WooCommerce for your online marketplace.

Tareq is the Founder, CTO of weDevs. I chatted with him about Dokan, a multi-vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce. We also talked about the online marketplace space and he shared some tips for starting and overcoming challenges you might face. I asked him:

  • After coming up with the idea for your marketplace, what is the next critical step?
  • Why should we choose WooCommerce as our integration?
  • What do you tell customers who have high expectations and compare what they want to accomplish to Etsy or Amazon?
  • What other challenges does a person have when entering the marketplace space?
  • Do you have personal experience with a marketplace?

When I wrote about this plugin, I was impressed with its ease of it and the fact that it was built for the store owner vs. the developer. I was also impressed that they had teamed up with Liquid Web to offer a WooCommerce Marketplace hosting package. Of course it’s great to experience the plugin, but even better to talk to the person behind the magic.

Tech is Important, but You Must Have a Plan

Tareq shared what is common in the eCommerce space, or practically any business. The idea generation phase is fun, but without research and a plan in place, you are often setting yourself up for failure. He shares more on this and why it’s even more critical when it comes to a marketplace.

WooCommerce. It Was a No-Brainer.

Obviously they had looked at the options with eCommerce, but also wanted to make sure it was in the WordPress space. With both there is

Big Dreams. Big Ideas.

I’m sure there are many developers reading this that can relate to someone coming to them and asking, “Can you build me a site like Amazon?” Well, it’s nice to think big, but as with most things, you usually have to start small. Tareq shared how like any plugin that fills a niche, his cannot do everything. This is common in the eCommerce space as there are so many variables. But they do listen to their customers and are growing their product with the their needs in mind..

We ended the show with Tareq sharing that they themselves are diving into their own marketplace. Living where they do, in Bangledesh, they have their own challenges and are working to find solutions for their own needs geographically. While he talks a bit about that,  I hope to have him on another episode as they dive further into this project.

Where You Can Find Tareq

Twitter – @tareq_cse

Tareq’s Blog