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What Online Retailers Should Focus on After the Holidays with Talia Wolf

Online retailers spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for the holidays. They hit us like a tsunami, and then it’s over. It’s time to start reviewing what went right and what needs fixing so you can make your improvements while everything is fresh in your mind.

To help us look at some of the best ways to take advantage of this time, I asked Talia Wolf, from to join us today. She is known for her expertise in helping retailers increase their conversions and grow their businesses by creating experiences customers will love. If you are a seasoned retailer, or just starting up and getting ready for the next round of holidays, listen in as I’m sure you will find tips no matter where you are at with your business.

Show notes:

We began the show by talking about one of the first things online retailers might want to think about when it comes to post-holiday review. Talia started by stressing the fact that as basic as it seems, making sure your customers get the right order is a top priority. She shares her own story of what happened to her during the holidays.

She also talked about the importance of site speed optimization and having the right analytics in place.

The conversation then turned to mobile and she shared her insights on both responsive design and mobile apps. Talia had some definite feelings about both.

We also touched on whether you should think about post-holiday sales and when the timing is right for that. She bases her answer around knowing your customers and taking advantage of this time with some highly personalized follow-ups and interactions with customers.

Next we talked about how soon you should start planning for that next Black Friday/Christmas holiday campaign. The seasoned online retailer has probably figured some of this out, but for new retailers or for those who felt they should have started their campaign  sooner, she gives some great ideas for what they should be doing and how far ahead they should prepare for the holiday season.

Lastly, she shares some thoughts on how, with all the advertising messages we get bombarded with, an online can make sure that their customers, both new and returning, know why they should buy from you.

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