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Posts from Hell

Blog posts from HellIn so many of my blogging workshops, I talk about hitting that “publish” button after writing a post. How it flies out there into the cloud and people start reading it.

RSS subscribers immediately get it dropped into their reader or sent to their inbox. Google can pick up content only a couple hours or less after it has been sent. When it’s published, it’s out there!

So what’s this got to do with anything?

We all have opinions, and some of us have rants. Someone pushes our button. The blood pressure goes up, and damn, we are ready to let the world know what we think.

Maybe it’s a subject that’s been struggling to get out. Or, perhaps, it was a conversation you had with a client or colleague that rubbed you the wrong way. Or, worst of all, an evening networking event where you had a few cocktails, started chatting with someone, and in the end, walked away thinking, “That person doesn’t know crap about what they were talking about.”

So, you sit at your computer and regurgitate all your frustrations and anxieties.

You rant. You mention that person. You say bad things. Then you hit the publish button.

Next morning, you wake up, reread your post and wonder what the heck you were thinking. Frantically, you delete the post, unaware the damage has been done.

Because the Internet is in pen, not in pencil.

So, next time this happens, get it our of your system and save it as a draft. Wait a few hours, go to sleep, or sober up. Then revisit the post. Chances are, you will make the right decision.

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Bob Dunn
I'm BobWP, educator and blogger. I have taught thousands of people how to set up their WordPress sites and grow them out. Having used WordPress since 2007, I bring those years of experience now to our online courses and helping people in a friendly, non-geeky sort of way.

7 comments on “Posts from Hell

  1. From the numbers of people who rant about former employers and recruiters on linked in, I’ve thought that needs to be a pop up when people post anything on Linked in. I just finished reading a post in a group, called. “Recruiters are Flat Stupid”. I feel no need to summarize the job seeker’s opinion. :)

  2. Hey Laura, yes, this pretty much applies all through the different Social Media platforms as well. It will never cease to amaze me what people say!

  3. Hi Bob
    “Because the Internet is in pen, not in pencil.”
    I like that.
    Have to agree, I might have a rant, but I would never mention an individual.
    These things can soon run out of control – a bit like email wars!
    BTW – was trying to work out which theme you are using.
    Fabulous theme Bob.

    1.  @wmwebdes Yeah, those rants can boil up in a person, but not mentioning names always helps : )
      And really like this Balance theme, glad you like it!

  4. Better yet, get a free account on 750words.com and try to find 750 ways to get the anger out of your system.
    I guarantee that, by the time you’re halfway done, you’ll start to feel a bit ridiculous and you’ll be thankful that you’ve only ranted in relative privacy.
    For some reason, this advice only seems to work if you play into the “idea” of telling someone off. Opening up NotePad or a word processor document doesn’t give you that same feeling of anticipatory “I’ll show her!” satisfaction.
    Best advice I can offer is – don’t let them get to you. :)
    P.S. I found your blog from a fan, Andrea Hypno, who told readers on TheSalesLion.com, “To learn about WP well for free the best way, imho, is reading Bob Dunn articles.”
    I’m always learning, so I am glad to have this unsolicited referral :)

    1.  @Mitchell Allen So true, and I think if we could just ignore those people, as you said, that’s the best way : ) 
      And wow, did not see that from Andrea, I am honored. Glad to have you as a new reader!

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