Product Enquiry Pro Plugin. WooCommerce 3.0 Compatible and New Features.

Earlier on our blog I did a post on a WooCommerce plugin called Product Enquiry Pro. It’s a slick customizable request and management system that really can help you with complex quotes in WooCommerce.

In that post I went in-depth to show you all the features that come with this plugin, including:

  • How it helps you to analyze what your customers are looking for through the data of their inquiries
  • Capturing leads because every enquiry is possibly a new prospect.
  • The ability to work with wholesalers to negotiate larger quantities while still serving the needs of small, individual orders.
  • Easily getting quotes if you are selling services on your site.

WooCommerce 3.0 Compatible


With the latest release the team has been working hard to make sure this plugin works with the latest major release of WooCommerce. Any major update can bring challenges and conflicts between plugins to your site. And if your site is not working, that is money lost. You have no worries when it comes to 3.0 and this plugin.

Two New Features in Product Enquiry Pro Plugin

If you are already using this plugin, you probably have seen these features. But of course, if you are still on the fence, these new features may be just what you are looking for. These are features that were requested to their team and it’s good to know that they are listening to existing and potential users of their plugin.

Create Fresh Quotations

Before, you could only create quotes based on enquiries. Now you are able to create a quote without there being a quote request from a customer. Think of it. This would be great if someone you were talking with in another channel, say via email or social about a bulk discount or quote. This way you can get it off while the iron is hot.

Add and/or Delete Products in Existing Enquiries and Quotes

Again, another great option as this allows you to be more flexible with the quotes as you are working with you potential client by adding and/or deleting the products that are in exiting quote requests.

So if you really want to dive into what this plugin can do for your WooCommerce site check out our post or head directly on over to get your copy of Product Enquiry Pro.

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