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New Product Snapshots to Keep You Updated

Earlier on with my existing WooCommerce news, I decided to remove the majority of posts on new products and services in the space. It was primarily because, with the number of them being constantly released, it just didn’t seem like news to me.

At the same time, there is still a need to let Woo builders know about what has come on the market—and how to make this useful to them. Unlike my years of writing posts since WooCommerce came out, I’m not here to teach you how to use an extension or a new service. I’m not here to give a review of it, including the good, bad, and ugly.

Let Me Give You a Snapshot

If you’re a Woo builder, likely you don’t need to know every working part of a product or service that has come out initially, you just want to know that it’s available.

As a site builder, it’s good to know what is on the market. But as a product creator, keeping up on what’s out there can be overwhelming. You might have an idea of a product or service, or are even working on something. If another product comes out that’s similar to what you had hoped to launch, you may want to think about how your product compares—or how it is different. And whether you should still pursue it or not.

It Will Be a Quick Preview

This will be a post with a list of newly released products. The name, a short description and a link. This will keep you from spending all that time with a tutorial or a product review to know what’s new. Of course, you can always choose to explore it in more depth I the simple description piques your curiosity.

These will be curated by me and there will be an option for anyone to submit a new product they have created that was built specifically for WooCommerce. This gives you some exposure while at the same time keeping the community on top of the market.