Do you want to get your service or product in front of the WooCommerce Builder Community? Check this out.

Learn About More WooCommerce Builders in Profiles in Woo

Earlier in the year, I started a series called Profiles in Woo. I did this for a couple reasons.

One was that not everyone has the time or the desire to be on a podcast, and even if they did, I have limited number of podcast slots. And two, there are a lot of Woo builders who create sites, product and services that are really cool but no one knows who they are.

What is a Profile In Woo?

These are short, interview Q&A style posts where I will ask a few questions around your experience with WooCommerce, what you do, and also few insights on what you think are the challenges from your own experiences.

This will be returning again with the relaunch of Do the Woo and I’ll be updating the few I did and republishing those. I’m looking forward to introducing you to more Woo builders and their part of contributing to the ecosystem.

There will be a form on my site. Instead of having people fill it out for themselves, I am going to ask for recommendations of someone you may know that the community should be introduced to.

You can look forward to learning even more about all the cool peeps in the Woo builder community.