Learn About More WooCommerce Community Members in Profiles in Woo

In my endeavor to introduce more people to our readers and listeners, next up is Profiles in Woo.

Learn More About the Builders, Users and Shop Owners Who Use WooCommerce

There are a lot of people out there who deserve recognition who are part of the WooCommerce community, in one way or another.

That is why I started Profiles in Woo.

What Are Profiles in Woo?

First off, let me explain why I am doing this.

My podcast, Do the Woo, gives and my co-hosts a chance to talk to people in the WooCommerce community about what they are doing and thinking.

So why start something else, you say?

  1. I only have so many slots available for the podcast. Although I could up its frequency from once a week—in order to keep the other pieces of this site flowing,—I wouldn’t have the resources to do that.
  2. Not everyone loves, or is comfortable being on, a podcast. It’s a barrier that excludes many fine people.

Profiles in Woo will post interviews with WooCommerce community, including:

  • WooCommerce Meetup Organizers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Builders of Products
  • Shop Owners
  • Others who work directly with WooCommerce

Depending on what they do, they will be asked specific questions and I’ll publish them so you can read them on the site here. You can see my very first one with developer Igor Benić.

I don’t have an official place to submit to be considered for an interview, but you can contact me here.

Be watching for more as I discover all the cool people who make up the WooCommerce community.

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