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Promote Your WooCommerce Product or Service

Promoting yourself can be tough. But also, it isn’t always just about advertising, It’s about connecting. It’s about listening.

Is Your Audience Woo Builders?

If you are looking to learn about, be part of and get in front of a niche group of WooCommerce developers, designers, agencies, freelancers and product builders, Do the Woo is where you need to be.

There are several opportunities for you:

Listen to the Stories – in our podcasts you will hear the stories of like-minded Woo builders. Their successes and their challenges, as well as their insights and perspectives.

Keep on Top of the Woo News – there is a lot of stuff going on that can get by you. It’s important that you know what is happening in the WooCommerce ecosystem. That’s where my news comes in.

And a Lot More – That is only the start and the best way to explain that is what I can do for you…

But let’s talk about what you are doing…

Get Your News Out – Do you have something going on with your agency? Let’s share it with the community.

Be a Profile in Woo – I like to share all the cool people that are building awesome stuff for WooCommerce. So if that’s you, or you know someone on your team that deserves some recognition, let me know.

Have a New Product or Service? – If you have a product or service for WooCommerce that you just released, I can include that in my New Product Snapshots.

Built a Site for a Big Brand? – If you have done a project for a big, recognizable brand, I would like to highlight you in a short video.

Have a Woo Event Coming Up? – Maybe you have a summit or a webinar that is all about WooCommerce. I would like to include that on my calendar.

And a couple of other options for promoting….

Become a Friend of Do the Woo – Support the builder community as well as get some promotion yourself. Best way to see what this means is to go here.

Become a Community Sponsor of Do the Woo – We have three community sponsorships available. This includes site-wide promotion as well as the podcast sponsorship. I’ll be honest, this is a serious commitment financially and is best suited for big brands that want to get in front of this niche community while being behind the BobWP brand and reputation. You can learn more and start here.