Redirect WooCommerce Customers to a Special Landing Page

The moment a customer clicks the final purchase of a product on your WooCommerce store, they are gone. But what if you could send them directly to a special landing page?

The challenge of running an online store is getting creative in your cross-sells. You might do this via email after a purchase, or directly on the product, cart or checkout page. It could also be done by redirecting them to a special page.

Redirecting Your Customers

This plugin is designed to redirect customers to a Thank You page, but, really, it can send them to any page you choose. As you can see in the settings, it allows you to redirect to either a page on your site or a URL.

This is a global setting and would apply to all your products.

Redirecting From a Specific Product Purchased

For a specific product, you could choose that on the product page.

It’s that simple. And if you get creative, you’ll find all sorts of ways to use this.

You could create a landing page for:

Cross-sells – A perfect way to let the customer think about adding some accessories. Especially good with products that have add-ons that are not needed at the moment, but a way to plant the seed in the customer’s head.

Extended Warranties – Instead of trying to sell them one during the process, you can send them to a sales page that explains the advantages in more detail.

Instructional Videos – A great added bonus. Videos on how to use the product. What others have used it for. An incentive to get them to bookmark the page and return later.

Special Sign-Ups – Take it beyond your newsletter and create a special email that they sign up for to keep them in the loop on sales or something else that would encourage them to return. Make it exclusive.

Up-Sells – Incentives to extend a subscription or membership.

A Deal or Offer – This could be a coupon you offer for a buy one, get one deal. Or perhaps a percentage off their next purchase. This may work better than a follow-up email in some cases.

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with this plugin.

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