How to Remove the Quantity Field from WooCommerce Products Without Code

This is actually one of those default settings that some people overlook and it’s really a simple fix.

Removing the Quantity Field from Any WooCommerce Product

In a lot of cases, you don’t want customers having the option to choose more than a single quantity of certain products, or even services. But when you add a product, sure enough, it always shows by default.

Let’s take for example if you were selling a website package. Obviously most people wouldn’t buy more than one, so why confuse them?

WooCommerce product with quantity

Now a lot of people get frustrated as they think they will either need to add some snippet of code (which sends shivers down their spine), CSS or find the remove quantity field plugin to install (if such a thing exists). Fortunately when creating a product, it’s just a matter of toggling a box under your Inventory settings.

toggle woocommerce product quantity field off

And this gives you a sans quantity field product in WooCommerce.

quantity field gone from woocommerce product

No plugin. No code snippet. No CSS.

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