Add 7-Star Ratings and Attributes to Your WooCommerce Product Reviews

Want to see a boost in how your customers interact with value your product reviews? Consider a 7-star approach and the ability to rate product attributes to make reviews even more useful to your customers.

Recently, Liquid Web released a new free plugin called Better Reviews for WooCommerce. It completely replaces the default WooCommerce reviews and adds some unique features to extend it beyond the basics.

Better Reviews for WooCommerce

There are four front-end features that I find very interesting.

7-Star Ratings for Starts

I know we will be hearing more about this plugin, but I thought I would give a short consideration of why I feel this is a benefit over the standard 5-star rating.

When you look at 5-star ratings, you have you middle point, and only two options to go either direction before you meet the minimum or maximum. With the added two stars, there is a chance to give your rating more accuracy.

For example, if you rate something a 5, well, that is a bit better than average, whereas if you go for 6, it’s way better than an average rating but, still, the product isn’t perfect.

Product Attributes

This is a very cool addition to the rating system. It does two things.

  1. It helps your customers focus on giving feedback on specific features of your product.
  2. It gives your customers an easy way to see how others have rated a feature vs. going through multitudes of reviews.

This will become clearer in my example below.


This helps narrow down the info even more. You are able to add characteristics or what you might call profiles that customers can select. Again, this allows potential buyers who are looking at reviews to filter them down according to the characteristics or uses that are most important to them.

Verified Reviews for Purchases

This is interesting, because it will show that the review is verified if the person has purchased the product. This rules out anyone just dropping in a review out of spite, or even as a second-hand opinion.

How Better Reviews for WooCommerce Works

To show you how this works, I have created several reviews on a product we actually purchased recently that will give you a better idea of how this relates to the real world.

Basic Settings

You will have just a few settings under WooCommerce > Settings > Products >General to toggle the Woo Better Reviews on and off, show the verified label and set the attributes to be applied to every product.

Now I am going to set up the attributes and characteristics for cat condos. For example, here is the product we will use:

Product Attributes

Having read reviews, there are some certain attributes that cat owners are looking for. In this example I have added three.

  1. First we want to know if it’s comfortable for larger cats.
  2. Secondly, is it sturdy?
  3. Third, is it good for multiple cats?

Overall, it will be the owner of a large cat that will probably be most interested in the results as many cat condos are too small, which is impossible to tell by the photo.

Product Characteristics

Next I am going to add two profiles, single and multiple cat owner. The characteristics are going to be based on the size of the cat in actual weight. By putting in pounds, there is no guessing about what someone might consider a small, medium or large cat.

Since we sell a variety of cat products, I did not toggle it to be assigned globally to all products in the settings. The Review Author Characteristics will automatically show up on all products, but the attributes can be assigned for specific products.

Reviews on Product Pages

If we visit the product page, we will now find these options when reviewing the cat tree.

better review on product page

Once you have collected reviews, this is what it will look like.

As you can see there are opportunities here to provide your customers with an easier way to gather information through the listed reviews. In addition, it gives you, the store owner a chance to get deeper insights into what people are looking for and, of course, into the product itself.

You can get the the Better Reviews for WooCommerce over on for free.