Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce with Retainful

You may know the facts: 7 out of 10 potential purchasers leave a store without buying. With automatic email reminders, you can recover up to 30% of those lost sales.

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to abandoned cart recovery in your WooCommerce store. Today, I want to show you Retainful.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails and Next Order Coupons for WooCommerce from Retainful

Most of what I will share with you comes from Retainful’s free version, which offers quite a bit of functionality. I will add the premium version features later in this post.

Retainful Settings

Here you can set the overall timing of when a cart is consider abandoned, as well as the ability to delete the cart.

Retainful Email Cart Reminders

The feature to set up reminders at specific intervals is key to recovering abandoned carts.

Under Email Templates, you can set up as many intervals as you need. They have some templates in place to give you a starting point, but you can customize these to your specific parameters.

Any existing template can be disabled, edited or deleted.

You can add a new template by clicking on the create new email template button.

Here you can put in all the details, add content as a simple email using the editor window or choose a pre-set template. Three come with the free version, and an additional three are available with the premium version.

You can also set the delivery for either hours or days after a cart has been abandoned.

If we were to use one of the templates, you can see how we can edit content and images.

No matter how you choose to create your templates here, easily include a cart summary and a one-click link for recovery by the customer.

For example, this is the basic template but you can see the email that was sent to the one abandoned cart I had on my demo site. If the customer does finish the transaction, you don’t have to worry as the emails will stop automatically.

Next Order Coupon

The other feature that comes with the free version is the ability to generate single-use, unique coupons you can send to the customer for their next purchase.

The first section gives you several options for the coupon.

Next you have the coupon message and can edit that in this window and add additional text or graphics.

And lastly, plenty of options for the coupon usage restrictions.

Real-time Abandoned Cart Stats

At any time, you can pop into your WordPress dashboard and get insights for the abandoned carts. You will see the number of abandoned carts and their value, as well as recovered carts and their value.

stats and insights in retainful

And if we click on the In-Progress Carts, you can see that it shows me what I have added as a guest via another browser.

You can also track the conversions of the Next Order Coupons on the Retainful App dashboard.

Premium Features of Retainful

Although the free version of this plugin offers quite a bit for abandoned carts, you might want to consider the premium version for these three additional features.

Add to Cart Popup for Email Collection

If you are looking at an option to collect emails when a customer adds products to their cart, this feature is for you. It gives you a simple popup that gives the customer an option to give you their email before adding to cart. Colors and text can be customized on the popup.

Coupon for Email Collection Popup

A bit of a different take as customers are prompted to enter their email to receive a coupon. In my opinion, this gives them more of a reason to provide their email. And the fact that you are giving them an immediate discount as opposed to their next purchase could edge them into a sale.

Coupon Timer

Taking it a step further, you can add urgency and offer a discount via a coupon on their current purchase. Text will appear on the cart page that lets them know they have x amount of time to get a specific discount.

Get an Abandoned Cart Solution in Place

If you have a WooCommerce online store you need to address abandoned carts. There are so many reasons this can happen that I’m sure you will be amazed at the recovered sales you will experience. Retainful is a great option and its free version gives you a chance to seriously dive into abandon cart recovery and see how much you will increase your own sales.

I suggest that you check out Retainful today and give it a spin.