How to Reward Your Customers Who Leave a Review on Your WooCommerce Store

Thanking your customers with a discount for leaving a review is a great way to increase repeat purchases, upsell your products or make a new sale happen.

We aren’t talking about buying reviews here. We are simply rewarding shoppers for taking the time to leave a review. It’s not something you advertise by saying, Hey, leave a review and get a 25% discount. But nothing is better than an unexpected surprise in your customer’s inbox.

Leave a Review. Get a Thank You Discount.

The Review for Discount extension works with WooCommerce to generate a coupon through the coupon functionality of WooCommerce. It generates what you might consider a standard coupon and stores them with your other coupons.

You will see here that all discounts attributed to reviews will be listed here, as well as creating your new discount and setting up the email.

Adding a Discount

This is very similar to adding a coupon. It gives you several of the same options.

The option: when it should be sent, whether you want to approve the review, or if you decide not to send it to someone who is either gaming the system or leaving nasty comments. How you choose to do this is entirely up to you.

The usage restrictions are the same as with coupons with the exception of limiting the coupons sent out per email.

Creating the Email

You will have a single email that will go out for all discounts and lists the variables that you use.

The email will come from the address you have listed in your WooCommerce > Email settings.

Using This With the Subscription Extension

If you happen to be using the WooCommerce Subscription extension, this gives you two great options for discount types specifically around subscriptions.

As a store owner you count on reviews as a critical piece to running an online store these days. We all know how much a buyer’s decision is often based on reading reviews while taking in other variables around the product.

It’s your chance to thank those who are leaving reviews and at the same time, increase sales through existing and new customers. The Review for Discount extension is an easy way to do just that.

How to Automatically Request a Review After a Customer Purchase

The Payment Reminder extension for WooCommerce includes an option to do just that. It’s a simple extension that gives you the ability to do this without the purchase of a much more extensive plugin or even a SaaS service. Learn how you can set it up to ask for reviews via email.

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