Let Your Customers Save a Product to Purchase Later on WooCommerce

There are many reasons someone doesn’t complete a purchase after adding a product to their cart. Some are out of your control.

Yet, often it can be as simple as some shopping around, price comparison, or maybe just not having enough money to get it then and there. Heck, maybe their card is turned down. Yet, they still may really want it or need it, or both.

Some may decide to just abandon the cart, and if they do, chances are they won’t come back. When they do they may be frustrated to see it still in the cart.

What if you could give them the option to simply save it for later? When they return, they don’t have to search for it and can easily add it to their cart.

Give Your Customers the Chance to Save It For Later

With the Save for Later for WooCommerce plugin, it is easy to offer this and still have control over what products can are be saved for later.

The Basic Settings

First you can choose between logged-in or guest users—or both— as far as when the link will show up on the product page. Also, you can control how long to display the option for guest users.

Then you can fine-tune it for when it will be displayed for products, categories and user roles. You can also add custom CSS here.

There are several options for messages you can customize, including the Save for Later link.

In addition, you can customize the labels.

The Link in the Cart

Once you have it all set up, when someone adds an item to the cart, a Save for Later link appears below the product’s. name.

If I click on it, this is what I get. And if I go back and click on the cart, it will still be there.

Or perhaps, I left and came back a bit later, added another item to the cart? Now I have the reminder and option to still purchase it. You will notice I have the option to move it to the cart or remove it.

Viewing What Has Been Saved for Later

As the store owner, you can see what has been saved for later to give you insights into customer behavior.

This is just another way for you to give your customers a better shopping experience, help you with cart abandonment and give you some extra insights. You can get the Save for WooCommerce plugin here.