Seattle WooCommerce Meetup Videos Available

As the co-organizer of the WooCommerce Seattle meetup for the last three years I had planned on starting it back up early this year. But due to the circumstances, it was delayed and has now returned as virtual meetups.

WooCommerce Videos for Beginners, Users and Store Owners

The new focus for the meetup is based on reaching:

  • Those who are just starting to explore the use of WooCommerce
  • Those who have only. begun to create their first online store with WooCommerce
  • Store owners and users who want run and grow their online stores

After our first official meetup last week, the format is going to follow two parts.

  • A hands-on presentation, demo or walk-through.
  • Q&A and discussion following that.

To bring this education to the broader community, the presentation part will be recorded and posted here on my site. You can find our first one What You Can Sell Using WooCommerce and What Product Types Are and all future videos will be found here.

Of course I encourage all to join us at the meetup which is every other Thursday, 2 pm PDT. Since I do not record the Q&A and discussion, you may miss out on what could be a valuable part of the meetup for yourself.

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