Selling Custom Books and Notebooks with WooCommerce

In this podcast, I’m chatting with Chloë Miller, Marketing & Communications Director at

I came across their story through our friends at Prospress, and just knew we had to learn more about them, how they use WooCommerce and how they survive—and thrive—in the online shop world.

They are based on Portland, OR, and make it easy for people to produce and design their own books and notebooks—all of them sustainable and environment-friendly.

We chatted about:

  • Whether WooCommerce was ScoutBooks’ first choice, and the challenges they encountered
  • What makes their product sustainable and how does that appeal to their customers
  • Whether—and to what extent—online advertising has worked for them
  • What social platforms they use and which have been the most successful
  • How creating non-digital products can affect an online business
  • The challenges of keeping up a blog on an online store

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