How to Send Customers an Auto-Reminder Email for Cancelled or Pending Orders in WooCommerce

There are many options out there to integrate follow-up with customers based on their payment status. But many of them might be more than you need or an integration that you are not comfortable setting up.

If you have wanted to send out automatic emails to customers who either cancelled their orders or they are still in pending waiting for final payment, here is an extension that makes it easy.

In addition, it comes with an auto-reminder email that can be used to encourage product reviews.

The Payment Reminder for WooCommerce

This will send out those auto-reminders or give you the ability to manually send them out.

The settings are straightforward. The first part is setting days and limits, and toggling the reminders on or off.

payment reminder settings

Next, you will set up the emails where you can add a logo, set email addresses and add an email footer.

email settings

Next, we have the settings for each specific email.

Pending Payment Orders

You can add your email subject and message ad also restrict the payment method available.

pending payment email settings

Canceled Order Reminder

If someone has canceled an order, not only can you send them a follow-up email, but you can offer a coupon as an incentive.

canceled order email reminder

And you can create coupons that will allow you to exclude the rules you have in place as well as any of the payment gateways.

payment reminder coupon options

Review Reminder

Simply add your subject line or use a placeholder to include the order details, then add your message.

review request settings

View All Pending and Cancelled Orders

To make it easier, you can also see all orders that have been cancelled or are pending. At the same time, you can send an email manually if you choose.

all cancelled and payment pending orders

So if you are looking at some specific needs as far as reminders, without going with a full-blown SaaS service, check out the Payment Reminder for WooCommerce extension.