How to Set a Default Quantity for Products in WooCommerce

By default, on a product page, the quantity is set at 1. That makes sense in most cases. But there are times when you might want to change that.

For example, there might be items that logically make sense to buy in a quantity of more than one. Or you may just want to give your customers a nudge to buy more than one.

Or think of this. Set it at 0. This not only gives your customer more freedom and when required to set an amount, they may not just settle for one.

In any case, you want something that lets you do this easily.

The WooCommerce Default Quantity Plugin

This plugin falls into the category of doing one thing and doing it well.

Three Options for Setting the Default Quantity

There are three ways to use this—or and it can be a mix of all three.

Setting a Global Quantity

Under your WooCommerce Settings > Products, you can add your global setting. In this case I am going to set it to 0.

setting for global default quantity

And that is now reflected in all of my products.

quantity set at 0 for products

Setting Quantity by Category

You can edit any WooCommerce category and choose a default quantity there as well. This will override the global setting.

editing the default quantity of a category

And, when creating a new category, you can set the value there as well.

setting default quantity on a new category

Setting the Default Quantity on Single Products

If you have specific products that would work better by setting a different quantity default, you can this per product.

setting quantity default for single products

For example, I did this for these foam wall panels as I discovered that the majority of people who purchased these typically bought two, especially during this sale.

product set at quantity default of two

So avoid messing with any code and use the WooCommerce Default Quantity plugin to change it on your store, categories or specific products.