Grow Your WooCommerce Online Store Presence with a Pickup Service

If you have a brick-and-mortar shop and are still struggling to find ways to get online, you might consider giving customers the option to order online and then pick up at your physical store.

Pickup is an eCommerce Competitive Strategy

Retailers are always looking at the big guys, the ones that have the means to create a dynamic online store. But as smaller retailers look at their own online presence, they can get buried in shipping options or even means of delivery. If your customer base is local, you can strengthen that by offering pickup services.

In a past podcast we were discussing how even larger retailers are finding this a sweet spot when it comes to competing with Amazon. And I am sure this trend is going to grow.

This Isn’t New to Retailers

This isn’t a brand new concept. Thinking about bakeries. There is a cupcake company in Seattle that has been taking advantage of this. People order online and pick up their orders. You even see restaurant chains do this.

In fact, many large retailers, like WalMart and Home Depot have offered this for some time and are finding this is helping them take greater advantage of their online presence.

What is the Attraction?

Some retailers may not grasp how this can really help. But people are busy (not that this is anything new) and with all of today’s options for buying stuff, they are looking for convenient ways.

Let’s face it. There are times when you need something quicker than the time it takes to have it shipped, or you don’t want to pay some high rate for same-day delivery. As an example, you have something you need. And there is this retailer that is on the route you take when you pick up your kids after school. Without taking the extra time of walking around the store, standing in line and checking out, you can buy it online and pick it up later, on your way back from getting the kids.

It’s not always price that sends them away from the local retailers. It’s convenience. It won’t replace having to not leave your house, but it can offer another option.

Rural Retailers Could Benefit

Smaller retailers in rural areas could stand above their competition. When you live in rural areas, you likely are not able to get a lot of same-day shipping, or that Amazon delivery. But if your local shops gave you the option to order online and pick up without any delays, that might be very tempting.

You Need to Think Through Your Logistics

Of course, you will need an online presence. And you will need to be able to show your products and offer purchases online. Consider a WordPress site. You could add WooCommerce and these:

There will be additional logistics you will need to take care of, such as dedicated staff and adequate, reliable  space for pick-ups.

If you are a small retailer, I challenge you to give this some thought and find creative ways they can increase you sales by offering the convenience of pickup for your loyal customers.