Solving a Problem with a WooCommerce Product That People Want to Buy

Although it seems obvious that one should create products that people want to buy, even when it comes to WooCommerce related products. But it isn’t always thought through as deeply as it should be. Alex Denning from Ellipsis Marketing works with WordPress businesses to help market their products. And that includes a lot of Woo businesses as well.

The Problem You Are Looking to Solve

My role is to look at this from a marketing point of view in the ecosystem. I think the main thing that is true in any year, but especially next year, is to make sure you’re building something that people need. There are all sorts of problems which could be solved around WooCommerce, and some of them are big and some of them are small. And that’s one of the exciting things about being in a high growth ecosystem.

The important thing to think about when building your product, though, and thinking about which opportunity you want to solve, and which problem you want to solve, is to make sure that it is a thing that people recognize as a problem and are going to spend money on solving. If you can link your products more directly into revenue, then that can make it an easier sell. You can make a revenue justification. You might also solve a problem that’s more of an anxiety that people have about their store. Maybe they’re concerned about reliability and that’s keeping them up at night. There are all sorts of problems that you could sell, but you need to link them together to the need in order to do that.

Customer Research

You might do that through customer research. The important thing to listen out for there is the need behind the need, as we call it. Someone will tell you a surface level reason why they’re worried about something or why they would be interested in the problem, but you need to go one level beyond that. What is really at play here? So if the customer tells you that they’re worried that their orders won’t go through and that’s a problem, the need behind the need could be all sorts of other things.

If they’re doing client work, they might be worried about getting an angry phone call from their client. I’m losing the client for something that they don’t perceive to be their fault, but the client has them on the hook for, and they know that they need to solve that problem. In that case, you would approach that differently to, say, the store owner, who is concerned about their customers down and risking their reputation.

Linking the Needs

There are all sorts of needs behind the needs that you might find. But just thinking about it through that mindset usually helps uncover a bit more insight. Do that, you’ll be able to differentiate your product. Even if you’re doing something that someone else is already doing, if you can link it to these needs behind the needs for your customers, then you’re in a good place. There is all sorts of products you could build in 2021. And hopefully that helps you find the right thing to build and then have a basic way of getting it in front of the right people and persuading them that you’re the solution for them.

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