Starting Up Your Membership Site with WooCommerce

Unless you have been floating in the outer reaches of space for the last few years, you know that membership sites have been on the rise and continue to be so. There are many aspects of starting one that you need to consider, and for a successful site, you need more than just technical know-how. 

The Technical Parts of a WooCommerce Membership Site

I also talk a lot about Woo here on the blog and on our podcast. And since the release of WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Membership extensions, it has become even easier to incorporate a membership site within your WooCommerce online store.

But often you spend too much time figuring out which theme and must-have extensions to use. You end up going down a rabbit-hole only to land at the bottom in frustration. This is where the WooMembers Bundle comes in.

Why Use WooCommerce for Your Membership Site?

The biggest advantage of using WooCommerce with Membership extension is how it integrates so easily into your store. Not only are you able to protect content and products for members only, but you are also able to offer members discounts on your regular products. So if a regular customer lands on a product for will cost them $99, but also displays the price of $49 for members, this is a great incentive to get customers to join your membership.

The WooMembers Bundle

WooCommerce came up with a bundle to help you jumpstart your membership site. Now I will be the first to admit that there may be other needs you discover as you build it out, but on the other hand, with this bundle you probably will have the majority of your needs filled.

With it you will get:

WooCommerce Subscriptions: A powerful extension that allows you to set up any kind of a recurring subscription. You can see our post about it here.

WooCommerce Subscription Downloads: This adds to your subscriptions as it allows you to offer downloadable products to your subscribers while keeping your listings of those products to be sold individually on your store.

WooCommerce Memberships: Integrates seamlessly with your store to offer protected content and value-added products for members only. See our post about it here.

Name Your Price: This cool plugin lets you accept donations or try the model of customers naming their own price for certain products that you offer. This is a great option as an incentive to get members.

Storefront Theme and Child Themes: Choosing a theme for your online store can be painful, and often, frustrating. Sometimes your best bet is to use a theme that you know will work perfectly with WooCommerce. In this bundle, you not only get their flagship free theme, Storefront, but also all of the premium Storefront Child themes: Galleria, ProShop, Outlet, Homestore, ToyShop, Boutique, Stationery, Bookshop, Pharmacy, Arcade, Petshop, Hotel and Deli.

If you are ready to get started, check out the WooMembers Bundle today.

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