Please read this before submitting any news for our consideration. I am looking for news specifically related to WooCommerce.

What Woo News Will I Consider?

  • Releases and major updates for new plugins, extensions, blocks that are directly related to and integrate with WooCommerce
  • Company news from WooCommerce agencies, developers and designers.
  • Special events such as conferences and webinars that are Woo-related.

If your news fits my criteria and editorial calendar it will be published as a single post or in a post with other new plugins and services. Single news items will also be a part of the Do the Woo News podcast series.


  • We do not cover your WordPress plugin only because it works on a WooCommerce site.
  • All new and major updates for plugins, blocks and extensions must have been released within the last 30 days.
  • If your page on has mis-spellings and WooCommerce is not correct with the “C” we will not accept the submission.
  • All submissions are subject to our final editorial decision. We will edit and write all content that is published as news. We cannot personally respond to every submission.
  • Please do not follow up with us. If you did not see it published, assume it wasn’t the right fit.
  • Submit news only for your own products, services or business.
  • Do not make this a sales pitch. We will ignore all of those.
  • All news that is published is not only submitted news as it will include

Send your news

We don’t need a lot. Just a short blurb and any link that will give us more information if we decide to write about it. We will contact you if we need any clarification.

Note: submission is not a guarantee of publication.

If you have specific questions about submitting your news, you can contact me here.