Please read this before submitting any news for our consideration. We are primarily looking for new products, services and integrations

What Woo News Are We Looking For?

We are looking for new products and services directly related to WooCommerce. The news that fits our editorial guidelines will be shared as a post here, on our Friday Roundup Post, the Do the Woo Weekly or the podcast.

New Plugins, Extensions, Blocks, Services and Integrations

We want new plugins, extensions, blocks, integrations and SaaS services that are directly related to and integrate with WooCommerce. Note that we attempt to keep our eyes out for new stuff, but a lot can get by us.

Examples of this might be, but are not limited to:

  • Extensions and/or plugins that enhance the cart or checkout experience.
  • Services that directly enhance the sale of products through a WooCommerce store.
  • An existing WordPress plugin or service that now has a built in integration with WooCommerce or a new WooCommerce add-on.
  • A plugin that just was accepted on

Please Do Not Submit:

Updates: we do accept news on product updates unless they are major. We may decide to editorially share some we find ourselves, but there is far too many updates to choose from and select as news.

Posts Written About WooCommerce: Please do not send us posts that you have written yourself and ask it to be shared. If we choose to share something, it will be at our own discretion.


  • We do not cover your WordPress plugin only because it works on a Woocommerce site.
  • We do not cover WooCommerce design, development or maintenance services from agencies or individuals.
  • All plugins, blocks and extensions must have been released on the WordPress repository or on your own site within the last 10 days from submission of your news. The latter goes for services.
  • If your page on has mis-spellings and WooCommerce is not correct with the “C” we will not accept the submission.
  • All submissions are subject to our final editorial decision. We will edit and write all content that is published as news. We cannot personally respond to every submission.
  • Please do not follow up with us. If you did not see it published, assume it wasn’t the right fit.
  • Submit news only for your own products or services.
  • Do not make this a sales pitch. We will ignore all of those.

If you aren’t sure it fits, go ahead and send it in.

How We Publish the News

Posts – these are only for what we consider to be larger, newsworthy items.

Weekly Woo Roundup – these are shorter news items that are typically a list with a 2-3 sentence description with link. This is more up-to-date news and releases.

Woo Weekly Newsletter – all news that goes out in our newsletter will be similar to the roundup.

Do the Woo Podcast – the news we share on the podcast is very select and has to be fit the conversational style of the podcast.

We will also curate our own news including watching the repo on and adding them to our list of newest plugins released.

Again, understand that we will not be publishing all the news that is sent to us but if you are a Friend of Do the Woo, your news will get priority consideration (as long as the meet our guidelines).

If you would like to get your plugin featured as a video overview on our site here, you should check out our sponsored video posts.

Send us your news

We don’t need a lot. Just a short blurb and any link that will give us more information if we decide to write about it. We will contact you if we need any clarification.

If you have specific questions about submitting your news, you can contact me here.

Note: the deadline for submitting news for any given week is Thursdays, 12 pm Pacific Standard Time, U.S.