WooCommerce Store Owners: 5 Ways to Use Your Blog without ‘Blogging’

When someone begins the creation of their WordPress online store, typically they also think of a blog. Although WordPress has gone way beyond the standard blog, it’s what it was originally created for and it still holds that power. The powerful thing about blogging is that is allows you to keep fresh content on your site— for both your visitors and the search engines.

What we tend to think about is the standard concept of blogging. And with that comes the dreaded thought of creating content. And more content. Who is going to do it? What will we blog about? What do people expect?

Blogging works so well because you can easily organize your content, and, as I mentioned, keep your site fresh. So does that mean you have to suffer from an empty bank of ideas to write about? Heck no. In fact, once you put on your thinking cap and give it more thought, you will likely discover all sorts of topics.

5 Ways to Use Your Blog without ‘Blogging’ on Your WooCommerce Shop

1. Customer Stories

This is not the first time we have talked about this here, nor will it be the last. You have a slew of customers out there with stories. Now before you step on this train,  look at your products and your customers. For example, if you sell toilet bowl cleaner, likely those success stores are nothing more than clear toilets and maybe anything beyond that feels kind of weird.

But if you sell kayaks, man oh man, the stories you could find. Maybe even a series on all the lakes, rivers and other waterways where customers have taken your kayaks.

2. Unique Uses of Your Product

Depending on your product, you might provide some examples of ways people can use your product. Let’s take something easy: an underwater camera. Your customers may be thinking of fish, underwater fauna, even underwater explorations. Think outside the box and take advantage of the WooCommerce blocks that make it easy to add a product to a post.

3. Extended Instructions

With each product you may have limited instructions, or access to more elaborate instructions on your site. Find creative ways to teach people how to use your product. Recipes are a perfect example. You sell exotic spices, flavored yogurts, you name it. Your blog is the perfect spot to showcase those recipes. And get your readers and customers involved by sharing their own. And there you have it. Content generated for you.

4. Product Galleries

The one untapped strength you may be missing is finding creative ways of using photos beyond your typical product shots. Collections of photos or galleries are another great way to organize via your category archives. For instance, those kayaks and the different adventures could be shown through photos. Or perhaps unique and creative ways of your customers using your product. This is one area where you could share some really great content.

5. Do It All Via Vlogging

All four previous ways can also be done using video. We all know how much people love video. If you are selling products, not only can each one of these areas be extended through video, but it will also provide a much richer experience. Stories and instruction alone may be just crying for videos.

Use That Blog, One Way or Another

As you can see, the technical aspects of a blog can do wonders for your online store. In fact, categories for your blog topics are just as critical as they are for your products. Breaking up topic categories will give the illusion of several so-called blogs.

Consider how this will play a role in your content strategy and I’m sure you will find your own ways to get creative as I have just touched the surface here.

Be sure to share any of the content I suggested at your own pace and you will attract more interest from both potential customers and existing customers. If you do variations of these, hmmmm, what might you call that?

Your blog.