The Largest Risk in the WordPress and WooCommerce Product Business Industry

From the independent product creator point of view, the biggest risk of building your product around a platform is if the platform does something that doesn’t let you work. If you build such a great feature that it comes into core.

Sorry, you’re not going to make so many sales. And of course, in a WordPress context, that happens a lot. And oftentimes you find you’ve got a three year headstart, and you can just add on to that functionality anyway. So it works out. But that is a major risk and has been seen a lot in price competition recently.

People see it as a space to be in too to make money quickly. And so a lot of new Woo market entrants, some of whom are happy to compete on price. That is probably good for consumers, but is a risk for storing it for product makers. They have to find ways to differentiate, or to compete on price, or add values in other way. Otherwise, it’s in a pretty good situation.

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