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The Perfect Marriage of Content and Community

I typically don’t spend a lot of time in the past, but every once in awhile I become reflective. As I move into the next phase over at Do the Woo, well, that is when it happens.

Content and Community, a combo that hit me hard

If you have been following my journey, you know that, since diving into WordPress 16 years ago, community and content have played a key role in what I do.

But when I set this site aside, BobWP in October of 2020 and turned my focus on Do the Woo, it was a transition that grew not only from the previous months of 2020, but all the years before that.

An interesting thing happened back in 2020.

It can best be described as two-pronged: community and content.

As we all know, in-person connections went down the toilet during COVID. Although I had not been traveling as much over the years prior to COVID, still, I found myself reaching out to more people online. More one-to-one conversations. More digital meetups. More forms of smaller online events. But, to be honest, I probably connected more with the community that than I have in any of the previous years in the space.

During that same year I found myself burning out on content creation around blog post tutorials. I have done these for years and I just couldn’t poke one more out at the keyboard.

So I decided to focus on more community-focused content, such as my podcasts and virtual meetings. It became a natural marriage of content and community.

Between now and then

So on reflection, this was one of the best moves I have made in my WordPress career. I continued on building the community at Do the Woo. Online connections grew, and then when IRL events started back up, well, they blossomed. That tie between content and commiunity have grown to be such a huge part of Do the Woo, and everything I do these days. And now on to 2024, the biggest year yet for Do the Woo.

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