On the road to Do the Woo 4.0

The Road to Do the Woo 4.0

A week or so ago I asked on X if anyone is interested in some posts about the work being done leading up to Do the Woo 4.0 in the first quarter of 2024.

Well, no one replied. Ha, you can guess. That won’t stop me.

A little background

I don’t think I have ever done this. It’s not exactly a “build in public” but in another way, sort of. Of course as many times as I have changed themes on this site over the last 14 years, well, nothing every amounted to a series like this.

Around September I had an idea about a new Do the Woo. In fact it started earlier than that, several months ago in fact. That idea was initially to expand it three ways.


This was already something I was already doing and it really started with the launch of Do the Woo as it’s own site over three years ago. But let’s just say I wanted to push up both the reach and who we have on the show to a much more worldwide audience.


Hey, I don’t have enough to do. So why not get some more regular hosts. Which in turn would mean more shows. In fact, let’s go further and add guest hosts on a more regular bases. And guests, yes, more and more guests. Thus, as mentioned, more shows. When will this madness end, right?

A Channel of Show

This all lead to a channel, or what you might call the Do the Woo channel. Which means it now encompasses several shows, two of which are not shown here in this screenshot from my homepage.

Now I’ll save another post to dive into this more, but essentially each show is focused on a topic of Woo or WordPress, or both. My dream was to organize the content in such a way that I could make it easy for listeners to listen to what they want, and sponsors to sponsor the show they want. So there’s that.

As promised but not requested by any of my followers on X, this is the beginning of what goes on inside my head, what I’m doing and creating and the entire experience as I lead up to Do the Woo 4.0. So hang on to your hats, or whatever.

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